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New branding, same content management system (made easy)

CMS Ignition from Arctic Black is essentially a robust, flexible and portable Content Management System (CMS) developed to service the requirements of a broad base of clients, and the Web Development industry as a whole. CMS Ignition has been developed to simplify the publication of web content on websites, allowing you the power of editing and adding content without requiring any technical knowledge of coding, programming or hosting.

Welcome to the easy to use and fully customisable web Content Management System. Do you dream of having a feature packed dynamic website, where you can edit and modify all the content through an easy to use control panel? This may include simple functions like editing some text, updating news articles, adding downloads and gallery images or more advanced functions like managing your member section with user privileges, adding and removing content pages and sections or communicating with your client database using Email templates or SMS. Whatever your requirements may be, we are positive that it can be implemented quickly, without fuss or huge development costs, by making use of our modular CMS system.

Find all the functionality you may require for your website predeveloped and ready to use in our current module listing...

Simplify your life with office life with office ignition

Our full range of content modules can be added to any new or existing site, no matter what hosting package you are on. Simply select what module/s you require right away, and we will add that functionality for you, while giving you access to your unique control panel from where you can add/edit or remove content at time. No mess, no fuss, it's as easy as that...

Office Ignition allows for flexibility and versatility in a variety of ways. Office Ignition is comprised of modular technologies that function together to suit your business dynamics. This is great news for companies because it means only paying for the plug-in functionality that is activated for your purposes and requirements.

In many complex project and task schedules, there will be a critical path, or series of events that depend on each other sequentially to ensure the final projected outcome or delivery. The durations directly determine the length of the whole project. Read more about Project Management and Office Admin Solutions from Office Ignition...