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About CMS Ignition

CMS Ignition (under license to Arctic Black) is the product of many years of dedicated development that has been designed for rapid online deployment of complex integrated functionality that not only speeds up the development and delivery time of projects, but also eliminates cost prohibitive and unnecessary redevelopment. What does this mean for you, the client? Simply, quick turn around times with low overheads, and a simply monthly rental.

If you have a web browser, and an Internet connection, then adding, editing and publishing content on your website can easily & securely be done by making use of CMS Ignition. You donít need to install anything on your PC, simply login to your secure Content Management System (CMS) control panel and experience the ease of CMS. Never again will you have to download and install updates, as they are automatically done and setup for you online, at no additional cost. The modular component of the CMS system makes it possible for you to mix and match fully integrated modules to manage your content, the way you need it done.

Need to build your database of contacts, clients and unique visitors for example? It's an easy process when making use of the Member Module. Once installed, the Member Module will capture all the form fields described by yourself, and safely store that information in a database. Adding, editing and removing contacts via your Control Panel is as easy as a click away. Grow your interactivity by adding a member login area to your site using the information stored from the Member Module. Assign privileges to your contacts while you group and manage them. Add user specific content or file downloads using the Downloads Module. Take your sophistication a level further by adding the Communication Module to your functionality artillery. Sending bulk SMS messages, email newsletters and notifications is now all at the click of a button.

Arctic Black (Pty) Ltd is a leading Telecommunication Service Provider focused on providing Internet connectivity and converged Internet Protocol (IP) services to business customers. Established in 1998, our practical connectivity solutions are designed around your specific business needs and priorities, helping to support your mission-critical communications. Arctic Black offers customised solutions to ensure your website is designed, developed and managed efficiently. With easily updateable and manageable content, Arctic Black's website solutions provide convenience for you and an enhanced web experience for your customers.

Simplify your life with office life with office ignition

Our full range of content modules can be added to any new or exsisting site, no matter what hosting package you are on. Simply select what module/s you require right away, and we will add that functionality for you, while giving you access to your unique control panel from where you can add/edit or remove content at time. No mess, no fuss, it's as easy as that...

Office Ignition allows for flexibility and versatility in a variety of ways. Office Ignition is comprised of modular technologies that function together to suit your business dynamics. This is great news for companies because it means only paying for the plug-in functionality that is activated for your purposes and requirements.

In many complex project and task schedules, there will be a critical path, or series of events that depend on each other sequentially to ensure the final projected outcome or delivery. The durations directly determine the length of the whole project. Read more about Project Management and Office Admin Solutions from Office Ignition...