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Available Content Management Modules

CMS Ignition (previously known as Fineclient) is essentially a robust, flexible and portable Content Management System (CMS) developed by Finegrafix to service the requirements of a broad base of clients, and the Web Development industry as a whole.

With a range of diverse and functional modules, site owners or developers are able to add stable and highly customisable 'plug and play' functionality to existing or new websites. The simple to use administration section of the site gives you complete control over what content is captured and displayed, while the front end appearance seamlessly extends from your current website. All modules have been developed with the end user, and client in mind - ensuring that all requirements are met in a flexible environment, catering for all the needs of the project.

Add a range of functionality to your site, or the sites of your clients today and start customising!
Our current module portfolio includes any back end functionality you could require to effectively communicate with your clientele.

Our full range of modules can be added to any new or existing site, no matter what hosting package you are on. Simply select what module(s) you require right away, and we will add that functionality for you, while giving you access to your unique control panel from where you can add/edit or remove content at any time. No mess, no fuss, it's as easy as that...

Completed Modules